South Manchuria Railway Company: CONTEMPORARY MANCHURIA: A BI-MONTHLY MAGAZINE: NINE ISSUES FROM VOLUMES I & II. Dairen, 1937 and 1938. Various paginations between 100 & 200 pp. per issue pp. Numerous b/w plates and text figures. Tables. 9 vols. 23x16 cm. Paper.
GBP 150.00
Nine issues of this Japanese-sponsored English-language propaganda journal published by the South Manchuria Railway Company. Comprises Volume I Nos. 1-4 and Volume II Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6.
A number of articles to each issue. For example, Vol. I, No 3. contains: 'An Outline of Manchukuo's Second-Stage Construction Program', 'The White Russians in Manchukuo', 'The Manchukuo-German Trade Agreement', 'Distribution of Megalithic Vestiges in Manchuria', 'Educational Activities of the South Manchu Railway Company', 'Improvements of Agricultural Products in Manchuria', 'Studies on the Alcoholic Extraction of Soya Bean Oil', 'Milestones of Progress'. All text in English. Very scarce.
Subjects: History Economy
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