Sekino Tadashi & Takeshima Takuichi: RYO KIN JIDAI NO KENCHIKU TO SON BUTSUZO. (Buddhist Architecture and Sculpture of the Liao and Jin Periods - Text Volume and Plate Volumes 1-2). Tokyo, 1934-35 & 1944. Text volume: 367 pp. 163 plates and illustrations. Two volumes of plates with 10 pp. text and 213 pp. b/w plates and illustrations. Map. 3 vols. 42x31 cm. Japanese-style silk binding with stitched gilt-edged pages.
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Detailed study in Japanese of the pagoda, temples, and sculptures preserved in China from the Liao and Jin periods. These are the two, large-sized volumes with the plates. Excellent black-and-white photography from the early 1930s showing many historic structures and their interiors in Northern China prior to later change and restoration. Includes the Datong area in Shanxi province, sites in Shaanxi, Hebei, Shandong and other areas in N. E. China in the then sphere of Japanese influence. Also includes multiple views of a couple of pagodas in the Rehe (Chengde) province of Manchuguo (the Japanese puppet state in N. E. China in the 1930s). The two plate volumes were published 1934-35. The smaller text volume, published later in 1944, is also present. A rare complete set. Slight wear to edges of plate volumes but generally in very good condition as is the text volume.
Subjects: Sculpture Architecture
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