Sun Bingjun & Cai Qingliang ed: RUIGUO JIN YU XUANCUI: SHAANXI HANCHENG CHUNQIU BAOCANG. Selected Bronze, Jade and Gold Treasures from the Rui State of Early Spring and Autumn Period. Xi'an, 2007. 310 pp. Colour plate throughout. B/w illustrations. 30x21 cm. Cloth.
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The first major publication on these finds. Details the important discoveries made in 2005 at Hanchang in the northern part of China's Shaanxi province. The sites excavated comprised a horse-and-chariot pit and three royal tombs belonging to the Rui state which flourished in the region during the early Spring and Autumn period. The tombs yielded many artefacts, primarily bronzes, jade, gold and jewellery. These objects date from the Shang and Western Zhou periods together with pieces contemporary with the Rui state. 104 of the finest objects are here illustrated in full colour plates, many in multiple views or showing close-up detail. Descriptive texts and essays accompany. Captions to plates in English. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Bronzes Jade
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