Strassberg, R. & Whiteman, S: THIRTY-SIX VIEWS. The Kangxi Emperor's Mountain Estate in Poetry and Prints. Cambridge, 2016. xv, 299 pp. Numerous colour illustrations. 27x26 cm. Boards.
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In 1712 the Kangxi Emperor had published the work 'Yuzhi Bishu Shanzhuang Shi' (Imperial Poems with Illustrations of the Mountain Estate for Escaping the Heat) to commemorate his recently-completed summer palace at Chengde. Thirty-six of Kangxi's favourite views were reproduced in woodblock illustration and accompanied with poems by the Emperor. He also ordered the Jesuit missionary, Matteo Ripa, to reproduce these images as copperplate engravings. These engravings circulated in Europe and much influenced western ideas regarding the Chinese garden. This book discusses and illustrates these works and their influence and provides a complete annotated English translation of the 'Thirty-Six Views'.
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