Stereo-Travel Co: STEREOSCOPIC VIEWS OF INDIA. Corona, 1908. 100 numbered cards, each mounted with 2 b/w stereoscopic photographs. 18x9 cm. Loose. Cloth case.
GBP 1,500.00
A complete set of 100 stereoscopic cards produced in 1908 by the Stereo-Travel Co. and showing scenery, buildings, daily life and trades and occupations. Photographed at locations throughout India at the start of the 20th century. Numbered consecutively. Captions to plates. No detailed descriptions on back of the cards.
Note that the images shown on this Stereo-Travel set are different to images on other such compilations by rival manufacturers.
Housed in a cloth case. The cards and case all in excellent condition. Very rare. The first time we have handled this Stereo-Travel Co. set.
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Subjects: Photography
Available, as of: 20/05/2019
Was item 601 in printed List 195.
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