Sommarstrom, Bo: ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESEARCHES IN THE EDSEN-GOL REGION INNER MONGOLIA. Together with the catalogue prepared by Folke Bergman. Sino-Swedish Expedition Publications 39 & 41. Stockholm, 1956. Part I: pp. 1-188 plus b/w plates I-X and b/w plates 1-40 and foldout with 2 maps; Part II: vii, pp. 189-386 plus pb/w plates X1-XXV1. B/w text drawings and plans to both volumes. 2 vols. 31x24 cm. Paper.
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Includes a survey of the town and remains of Khara-khoto and other sites in the surrounding region of Edsen-Gol. The ruins were first discovered by the Russian archaeologist, Kozlov, in 1908, and was the only major Russian discovery on the Silk Route. The ruined city is located in the Gobi desert in China on the border with Mongolia and is the long-lost Tangut (Xixia) city of Etzina mentioned by Marco Polo. The city was destroyed in the 14th century by the Chinese. Kozlov found manuscripts, books, coins, Buddhist objects and 25 beautifully preserved Buddhist paintings on silk. The haul apparently filled 10 chests. Aurel Stein later dug at the site and in the surrounding area, his efforts yielding a number of objects and described in his work 'Innermost Asia'. Hedin's Sino-Swedish expedition made numerous smaller finds in the area but were comprehensive in their survey of the ancient city. This is the two-volume report of their survey and findings. All text in English.
Uncut copy, practically as new. Just one small spot on the front cover of Part I. Dedication on frontpaper of Part I. Scarce.
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