Sohei Sanjin (Takahasi Sohei?): SHUKO MEIKO GASHIKI. (A Manual Emulating Painters of Antiquity). N.p. (Osaka?), n.d. (1883). 5, 22; 30; 28; 31; 26 folded leaves, Japanese style. B/w lithographic Illustrations throughout. 5 vols. 29x18 cm. Stitched. Cloth case.
GBP 600.00
The earliest mention of this work we can find is a Japanese edition of 1883. The only date this work contains is at the end of a preface and equates to either 1860 or 1920. We believe this to be the 1883 edition due to the finesse of the lithography which tended to deteriorate into the early 20th century with the rise of other forms of printed illustration. There is also no mention that we can find of a 1920 edition. The work possibly derives from a manual of painting done by Takahashi Sohei (1802-1833) but we can find no information as to the original work.
Volume One: Figure Paintings; Volume Two: Figure Painting and Objects; Volumes Three and Four; Illustrations of Buildings; Volume Five: Pavilions, Bridges and Boats.
Illustrated throughout with delicate lithographic illustrations. Text in Japanese.
Original cloth case with both toggles missing and wear and loss to title slip on cover. The volumes themselves in fine condition. Very rare.
Subjects: Painting Illustrated Books
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