Shaanxi History Museum ed: ZHONGGUO GUDAI BIHUA: TANGDAI: SHAANXI LISHI BOWUGUAN CANG. Ancient Chinese Wall Paintings: The Tang Dynasty and the Collection of the Shaanxi History Museum. Guilin, 2017. 250; 221; 180 pp. Full page colour plates throughout each volume. Colour text plates. 3 vols. 43x31 cm. Boards.
GBP 750.00
Three rather wonderful and beautiful large-format volumes depicting the highly-important collection of Tang dynasty murals held in the Shaanxi History Museum in Xi'an in China. Xi'an (then Chang'an) was the capital of China in the Tang dynasty. The murals come from 22 and imperial and other tombs in the area around Xi'an and demonstrate the sophistication, wealth and life of the elite of the Tang empire. Whilst some of these murals have been previously published, the large size of these volumes allow excellent appreciation and study of the detail of the murals. An important reference and research tool. Dual texts in Chinese and English. Hard to obtain.
Subjects: Murals Archaeology
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