Shaanxi History Museum ed: JIN XI QIULIN: LANTIAN LU SHI JIAZU MU CHUTU WENWU. (Retrieved Treasures Stolen from the Lu Family Cemetery at Lantian). Xi'an, 2013. 6, 183 pp. Numerous colour plates. Colour text illustrations. A few b/w text drawings. 29x21 cm. Wrappers.
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One of the most interesting works we have handled in ages. It details the arrest in Xi'an, China, in 2006, of a gang of tomb robbers and smugglers of antiquities and the confiscation of their ill-gotten gains. Upon examination of the artefacts, they were found to be primarily Northern Song dynasty and of an extraordinarily high quality. Their place of origin was ascertained to be the Lu Family Cemetery in Lantian County in Shaanxi province. The objects included extremely rare Yaozhou bowls, their rims edged with gold and silver, other fine objects from the Northern Song and other periods and, of much interest, ancient bronzes. Given that the cemetery dated from the Northern Song dynasty, the presence of ancient bronzes is hard to explain until one learns that a member of the Lu family who lived during the Northern Song dynasty was one Lu Dalin (1038-1093 AD), who was the first known scholar archaeologist in China to systematically study ancient Chinese bronzes and their inscriptions. He published the first known work on the subject: 'Kaogu Tu' (Illustrations of Archaeological Artefacts) whose importance has resonated down through the centuries. It is not hard to imagine that these ancient bronzes came from his tomb - but we will now never know for certain due to their loss of context. The objects are now safely in the collection of the Shaanxi History Museum. All objects illustrated in colour. Detailed and informative four-page preface and captions to plates in English. Main text in Chinese. Extremely hard to obtain.
Subjects: Ceramics Bronzes
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