Shaanxi History Museum ed: HUANGHOU DE TIAN TANG: TANG JINGLING ZHENSHUN HUANGHOU SHIHENG YANJIU. (The Heavenly Hall of the Empress: Research into the Stone Sarcophagus from the Xunling Tomb of the Tang Empress Zhenshun). Beijing, 2015. 259 pp. Numerous colour text illustrations and numerous full page and text line drawings. 30x24 cm. Wrappers.
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Detailed research into this highly-important and large Tang dynasty imperial sarcophagus constructed for the Zhenshun Empress in the shape of a building and bearing fine incised reliefs. The sarcophagus is regrettably famous as it was smuggled out of China to America and the Chinese government applied considerable pressure and effort for its return. This story is also told here. The sarcophagus is now safely in the collection of the Shaanxi History Museum in Xi'an. In Chinese.
Subjects: Archaeology
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