Shaanxi History Museum ed: CHANG'AN SILU DONG XI FENG. The Silk Road Legacy Radiating from Chang'an. Xi'an, 2018. 156 pp. Colour plates (a good number full page) and colour text illustrations throughout. 35x25 cm. Cloth.
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Catalogue of an exhibition at the Shaanxi History Museum in Xi'an, China, exploring the legacy of the Silk Road in terms of interaction with foreign cultures and the intercultural contacts the Silk Road engendered. Also explores the strategic and cultural importance of the ancient capital Chang'an (nowadays Xi'an) as the starting point of the Silk Road. In three main sections: Opening of the Silk Road; Transmission of Buddhism; Chang'an Style. Comprises 140 well-chosen exhibits, many rare and wonderful, dating from the Han to the Tang dynasties and some never published before. The exhibits come from museums in five provinces of north-west China which lie on the ancient Silk Road: Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and Xinjiang. Preface, brief introductions to each section and captions to plates in English. Main text in Chinese. Hard to obtain.
Subjects: Silk Road Archaeology
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