SHODO ZENSHU: CHINESE CALLIGRAPHY VOLUMES 1-15 & SUPPLEMENT. (A Compendium of Calligraphy: The Chinese Calligraphy Volumes). Tokyo, 1955-67. c.200 pp. per volume. B/w illustrations of calligraphy to each volume. 16 vols. 30x21 cm. Cloth.
GBP 200.00
Comprises a complete set of the 15 volumes on Chinese calligraphy in this well-regarded Japanese series. Also one supplement volume on Chinese seals. The volumes arranged chronologically as follows:
1. Yin, Zhou, Qin; 2. Han; 3. Three Kingdoms, Western Jian and Sixteen Kingdoms; 4. Eastern Jin; 5. Northern and Southern Kingdoms I ; 6. Northern and Southern Kingdoms II ; 7. Sui and Tang I ; 8. Tang II ; 9. Tang III and Five Dynasties; 10. Song I ; 11. Song II ; 12. Yuan and Ming I ; 13. Ming II and Qing I ; 14. Qing II ; 15: Supplement; 16. Chinese Seals.
Each volume illustrated throughout with many fine examples. Accompanying text in Japanese. Scarce.
Subjects: Calligraphy
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