Shaanxi Provincial Museum ed: TANG MU BIHUA ZHENPIN. (Treasures of Tang Dynasty Tomb Murals). Xi'an, 2011. 161 pp. 121 colour plates. 35x25 cm. Boards.
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Produced to commemorate the opening, in 2011, of a state-of-the art galley at the Shaanxi Provincial Museum built to show the Museum's unparalleled collection of Tang dynasty tomb murals. A total of 97 murals are exhibited. All the murals come from tombs located in Shaanxi province in China. Includes murals from 13 main tombs (and includes famous tombs such as that of Princess Yongtai) together with lesser-known tombs and their murals. A final small section on 'Other Tombs'. A well-illustrated and well-produced work. Introduction, contents and list of plates in English. Main body of text in Chinese. Out-of-print and hard to find.
Subjects: Murals Tomb Art
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