Shandong Museum ed: SHANDONG GUANCANG WENWU JINGPIN DAXI: YUQI JUAN. (Compendium of Treasures in Museums in Shandong: Jades). Ji'nan, 2019. 177; 217; 216; 201 pp. Full page colour plates throughout each volume. Over 850 jades illustrated. 4 vols. 38x27 cm. Boards.
GBP 800.00
A splendid set of four volumes showing jades held in museums and institutions large and small in Shandong province in China. The large majority of the jades excavated at ancient archaeological sites throughout the province demonstrating the lengthy cultural heritage of Shandong since earliest times.
Volume One is entirely devoted to 194 Neolithic jades - testament to the extensive Neolithic cultures in the province. 194 examples are shown.
Volume Two covers the Shang dynasty through to the Spring and Autumn Period. 263 pieces shown.
Volume Three shows jades dating from the Warring States and Han dynasty. 210 jades.
Volume Four illustrates jades from the Tang dynasty through to the Qianlong reign of the Qing dynasty - the large majority Ming and Qing dynasty examples. 186 examples.
A good number of the jades are illustrated actual or near actual size. Many of the small jades are illustrated larger than actual size so as to appreciate their full detail. Most of the jades never previously published. An excellent contribution to the subject. All volumes illustrated throughout. Text in Chinese.
Very hard to obtain.
Subjects: Jade
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