Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum: SHENYANG GUGONG BOWUYUAN YUANCANG WENWU JINGCUI: FALANG JUAN. The Prime Cultural Relics Collected by Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum: The Enamel Volume. Shenyang, 2007. 8, 16, 22 pp. text plus 242 pp. colour plates. 34x26 cm. Cloth.
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Large format work comprising one in a series on the art objects in the little-published Shenyang Forbidden City collection. Over 170 Qing dynasty cloisonne objects are shown in full colour and described. Many pieces date from the Qianlong reign. Many of the objects are illustrated in multiple views. Much previously unpublished material. Nine page list of plates and brief captions in English. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Cloisonné and Enamels
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