Statens Etnografiska Museum: CONTRIBUTIONS TO ETHNOGRAPHY, LINGUISTICS AND HISTORY OF RELIGION. VIII. Ethnography 6. Stockholm, 1954. 128 pp. text plus 22 pp. b/w plates. 30x24 cm. Paper.
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Report from The Scientific Expedition to the North-Western Provinces of China under the leadership of Dr Sven Hedin. The Sino-Swedish expedition. Publication 38. Includes: Unkrig: Die Tollwut in der Heilkunde des Lasaiamus nach tibetisch-mongolischen Texten im 'Satens Etnografiska Museum' zu Stockholm. Bexell: Some Observations on the Population in the Nan-Shan. Bergman: Some Chinese Paper Currency from the Yuan and Ming dynasties. Schmid: A Tibetan Passport from 1714. Aalto: A Catalogue of the Hedin Collection of Mongolan Literature. Lessing: The Eighteen Worthies Crossing the Sea.
Subjects: Ethnography Religion
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