Shanghai China Navigation Museum ed: HANGHAI: WENMING ZHI JI. Navigation: Trace of Civilization. Shanghai, 2011. 2, 2, 278 pp. A number of b/w text illustrations and tables. 27x19 cm. Cloth.
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The proceedings of a symposium held at the Museum. Fifteen papers on various aspects of navigation, things maritime and maritime trade throughout China's history. Three sample titles: Vong: Guangdong Heritage in Macao's Wooden Shipbuilding Tradition; Fang: Ceramic Trade between China, Taiwan and the Philippines (1657-1687): A Study Based on Spanish Sources; Yuan: Analysis of the Ship in the Yuan Dynasty Unearthed in Heze City. List of titles of papers in English plus English abstracts to the essays in Chinese. Main text in Chinese. Out-of-print and hard to obtain.
Subjects: Maritime Science
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