Sakai, Hoitsu: KORIN HYAKU ZU & KORIN HYAKU ZU KOHEN. (One Hundred Pictures by Korin: Parts One and Two). Kyoto, 1890. 16; 18; 20; 19 folded leaves. B/w woodcut illustrations throughout each volume (a number double page). 4 vols. 25x18 cm. Stitched. Decorative covers.
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This is a Meiji reprint of Korin Hyakuzu. The first part (Korin Hyakuzu - in two volumes) was first published in 1815. A second part (Korin Hyakuzu Kohen - again in two volumes) was first published in 1826. This four volume Meiji reprint of both parts is dated Meiji 23 (1890) at the back of the final volume. The work was originally compiled by Sakai Hoitsu as a homage to the Japanese painter, Ogata Korin, an important Rimpa artist. This work is illustrated throughout with black-and-white woodcut examples of designs and paintings by Korin. There are well over 100 illustrations contained within the four volumes. The number of woodcuts range from six per page to double page spreads of screens. A faithful reprint of the original work. The four volumes have uniform covers with a pleasing design of stylised butterflies and flowers in silver on a grey background. A pleasing work in fine condition. Rare.
Toda (Ryerson catalogue) p.360 describes a slightly later reprint of 1894 published in Tokyo but this Kyoto edition appears elusive. See Hillier: Art of the Japanese Book pp. 659-661.
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