So, Jenny ed: NOBLE RIDERS FROM PINES AND DESERTS. The Artistic Legacy of the Qidan. Hong Kong, 2004. 437 pp. Numerous colour plates. Dual text in English and Chinese. 31x23 cm. Cloth.
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Catalogue to accompany an exhibition at the Art Museum, Chinese University of Hong Kong, that explored the cultural and artistic legacy of the Qidan (Liao) rulers of Northern China. The exhibition aimed to show important artistic developments that occurred as a result of the Qidan conquest. Also helps reveal the complex cultural, political, social and religious identities of the Qidan. Over 170 exhibits are shown in metal, amber, jade, agate, crystal, ceramic and organic materials. The exhibits are in eight categories - headwear, garments and textiles, necklaces and pendants, jewellery, belts and belt ornaments, harness and hunting accessories, utensils, religious objects. The exhibits come primarily from private collections in Hong Kong plus a number from the Art Museum collection. Introductory essays: Mok: Theme and Culture: Murals in Liao Tombs; Xu: East-West Connections and Amber under the Qidans; Feng: Qidan Silk Costumes; Huang: Repairing Silk Textiles with Traditional Needlework. Detailed dual texts in English and Chinese. A fine catalogue.
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