Schorta, Regula ed: DRAGONS OF SILK, FLOWERS OF GOLD. A Group of Liao Dynasty Textiles at the Abegg-Stiftung. Riggisberger Berichte. Riggisberg, 2007. 311 pp. 270 colour and b/w illustrations. Text drawings. 31x23 cm. Paper.
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A study of seventeen splendid Liao dynasty textiles -garments, accessories and furnishings - acquired by Abegg-Stiftung in Switzerland. All the textiles are illustrated in fine colour and are described in exhaustive detail. Includes a number of essays: Watt: Textiles and Liao Culture; Gremli: The Status of Research on Liao-Dynasty Textiles; Gremli: A Group of Liao-Dynasty Textiles and Metal Objects at the Abegg-Stiftung; Bayer: Conservation Treatment. A prime reference for this field of study.
Subjects: Textiles Archaeology
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