Qu Yuan; Xiao Yuncong illus: SIKUGUAN BUHUI XIAO SHI LISAO TU SAN JUAN = QINDING BUHUI LISAO TU. (The Augmented Siku Quanshu Version of the Illustrated 'Encountering Sorrow' by Xiao Yuncong). Yangzhou, 1997. 12, 44; 54; 64 folded leaves Chinese-style. B/w illustrations throughout. 3 vols. 27x17 cm. Stitched, cloth case.
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Finely-produced facsimile of an important illustrated woodblock printed work. Perhaps the most famous illustrations of the 'Songs of the South' (or 'Elegies of Ch'u,' which include the 'Lisao' or 'Encountering Sorrow') are those by Chen Hongshou, which established his reputation as an artist. In the same collection where Chen's images appeared, there were a further 69 illustrations by Xiao Yuncong (1596-1673). These were good enough to be selected, by order of the Qianlong emperor in 1782, for copying into the monumental encyclopaedic manuscript library, 'Siku Quanshu'. The present facsimile is based on the Siku version in the 'Wenjinge' but has a completely reset text of the 'Songs of the South' collated with a Song-period edition of the text in the collection of the Jiangnan Library, and is, therefore, of textual as well as visual interest. In Chinese only. From an edition of only 500 copies. Out-of-print and hard to find.
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