Qian Kesheng ed: SHANGHAI HEI MU HUIBIAN. (Shanghai's Dark Curtain). Shanghai, 1930. Various paginations. 132 colour images, 2 or 4 to a page. 4 vols. 18x13 cm. Paper. Decorative covers.
GBP 800.00
An exploration of the shady and seedy side of Shanghai life during the Republic period when Shanghai was notorious for such activity. Illustrated with 132 colour images depicting various goings-on in the Shanghai underworld. The accompanying text seeks to shed light on this side of Shanghai life and contains much information pertaining to the gangs and secret societies active in the city at the time.
Wear and some loss to the spines of a couple of the volumes. Otherwise In fine condition. All text in Chinese. Very rare.
Subjects: Shanghai Illustrated Books
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