Qi Dongfang: HUAWU DA TANG CHUN: JIEDU HEJIACUN YIBAO. (Understanding and Studying the Hejiacun Tang Hoard). Shanghai, 2018. 274 pp. Numerous colour plates and b/w text drawings. 23x17 cm. Wrappers.
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A good, well-illustrated work on the Hejiacun hoard of fabulous Tang gold and silver objects, jade pieces and the famous agate horn rhyton found near Xi'an in 1970. Also one incredibly rare glass beaker, most probably of non-Chinese origin. The collection is held in the Shaanxi Provincial Museum in Xi'an. Many of the best objects are here illustrated in colour plates showing the object as a whole and with additional views from various angles and of close-up detail. Many of the objects have accompanying drawings clearly showing the decorative detail. Introductory essays and detailed descriptive texts. In Chinese.
Subjects: Archaeology Gold
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