Public Security Bureau (?): COMPLETE GUIDE TO PEKING STREETS AND ALLEYS. Compiled by the Peking Public Security Bureau - Communist China. N.p., n.d. 921 pp. 27x20 cm. Self-covered.
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The front page continues: 'Following is a complete translation of a Chinese language publication entitled Pei-ching Shih Chieh-hsiang Ming-ch'eng-lu, Peking April 1958 pp.1-497'. The pinyin title of this work presumably 'Beijing Shi Jie Xiang Ming Chenglu'. The names of the streets and alleys in this compilation are arranged to number of strokes in the first Chinese character of the name. An extraordinary effort of translation from the Chinese and a valuable record as so much of the old city has been destroyed. Library marking to the first page.
Subjects: Beijing
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