Peters, John R: MISCELLANEOUS REMARKS UPON THE GOVERNMENT, HISTORY, RELIGIONS, LITERATURE, AGRICULTURE, ARTS, TRADES, MANNERS AND CUSTOMS OF THE CHINESE. As Suggested by an Examination of the Articles Comprising the Chinese Museum, in the Marlboro' Chapel, Boston. Boston, 1845. 182 pp. (title within calligraphic border). 24x15 cm. Original stitching, light blue printed paper cover.
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This is a reissue, with some changes in the text and a re-titling, of the author's GUIDE TO, OR DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE OF THE CHINESE MUSEUM etc. published in 1845. One can therefore say that this is the second edition of the GUIDE.
Mr. Peters' collection was put together 'without reference to labor or expense, and with the aid of Chinese, and of American missionaries, who have resided a long time in the country.' The collection was displayed in the Marlboro Chapel in Boston, before moving to New York in 1845.
It was the only serious rival in scope and purpose to the more celebrated collection of Mr. Nathan Dunn of Philadelphia, at that time on display in London. The catalogue is supplied with lengthy notes on the manners and customs of the Chinese, drawn from the best sources of the day, such as Bridgman, Medhurst and Staunton.
In addition to the catalogue, visitors to the museum had the benefit of three native guides, including Professor Kaw-hing who had left China in an effort to break his opium habit. Such was the success of his cure that, on a good day, he was even able to favour visitors with a Chinese song or two.
The 'calligraphic border' on the title page gives a subtitle 'Extensive View of the Central Flowery Kingdom' along with a traditional couplet (a literary form often used as a medium for the calligrapher's art) which, freely translated here, might well serve as an art collector's or dealer's motto: 'Words may deceive, but the eye cannot play the rogue.'
Wear to cover; rear thin paper cover lacking, final endpaper stained and damaged, with slight staining through to final page, not affecting the printed impression. Insides clean and good. Not in the usual reference works.
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