Pelliot, Paul: NOTES CRITIQUES D'HISTOIRE KALMOUKE: TEXTES ET TABLEAUX GENEALOGIQUES. (Critical Notes on the History of the Kalmouk: Text and Genealogical Tables). Paris, 1960. vi, 237 pp; 6 long foldout genealogical tables. 2 vols. 25x16 cm. Paper.
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The Kalmouks/Kalmyks are the Oirats in Russia whose ancestors migrated from northern Xinjiang in China to the northern Caucusus area at the beginning of the 17th century and there created the Kalmouk khanate from 1630-1724. This is a study of their history accompanied in a separate volume by six extensive genealogical tables tracing the history of the people. In French. A scarce work by a renowned scholar of Central Asia. Uncut copy.
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