Okuyama, T. & Ogawa, K: THE DECORATION OF THE PALACE BUILDINGS IN PEKING. (Pekin Kojo Kenchiku Soshoku/Beijing Huangcheng Jianzhu Zhuangshi). Imperial University of Tokyo: College of Engineering Report No 7. Beijing, 2007. 8, 70, 84 pp. text; 80 loose numbered plates plus 1 unnumbered, of which 20 coloured, including 3 watercolours and 2 maps. 48x38 cm. Loose plates in folio and text volume.
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Fine facsimile reproduction of a very rare and magnificent report published by the Commission sent by the Imperial University of Tokyo to Peking in 1901, following the relief of the foreign legations from the Boxers and the occupation of Peking by the Eight Allied Army. A huge variety of decorative features of the palace buildings in Peking are illustrated. In addition to the decoration on the buildings, there are also a number of vignettes showing palace and hall interiors. An important reference and visual record of the decoration of the imperial palaces at the beginning of the twentieth century - a time when, due to the decline of the Qing dynasty, they had been untouched for some time. The loose plates are not photographs. They are very detailed drawings and reproductions of decorative detail. A lot of time and effort was obviously expended in their execution and production of the work. The majority of the 80 plates are coloured to varying degrees in beige, grey, green and some red. Twenty plates were hand-coloured and mounted on black card. These include three delightful watercolours showing the Yiheyuan (Summer Palace), the Yingtai buildings on Nan Hai and the Qianqing Hall in the Forbidden City. The two map plates show a plan of the city of Peking and a plan of the Forbidden City on one, the other showing the Xi Yuan park of the three lakes (Bei Hai, Zhong Hai and Nan Hai) adjacent to the Gugong. The 81st unnumbered plate gives Japanese architectural terms accompanied by relevant illustration. The accompanying text volume contains the Japanese and English texts found in the original, but here reduced in size. The plates also have captions in English. Limited edition of 300 copies. Now out-of-print.
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