NANHAI ZHU DAO ZHI YI: XISHA QUNDAO. (The Various Islands of the Southern Seas I: The Xisha Archipelago). Beijing, 1975. Cover poster and 26 colour posters. 35x25 cm. Loose.
GBP 300.00
A rather topical find being a set of 26 colour posters from the 1970s staking China's historic claim to the Xisha archipelago in the South China Sea. The archipelago is better known as the Paracel Islands and is claimed by both China and Vietnam and has been the cause of diplomatic squabbles between the two over the last few years as China grows more assertive in the area. This set combines cultural revolution propaganda with historical claim and the content of the posters ranges from images of 'archaeologists' finding Tang and Song dynasty ceramics on the islands and Qing dynasty inscribed stone tablets from the Guangxu reign through to images of modern-day Chinese soldiers undertaking military exercises and conducting everyday life off duty. All text in Chinese, The first time we have seen such a set.
Subjects: Propaganda
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