NONGYE JIJIE ANQUAN SHENGCHAN GUATU. (Posters Showing the Safe Use of Agricultural Machinery). Beijing, n.d. 6 posters each with a number of colour illustrations. 6 vols. 76x52 cm. Paper.
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A set of six Chinese posters dating from the late 1960s or early 1970s produced as part of a safety campaign to reduce the high level of accidents in the Chinese countryside involving the use of agricultural machinery ranging from the driving of tractors to threshing machines and various other machines. Given that this was the period of the Cultural Revolution, there is also much propaganda concerning peasants and agriculture and the Chinese communist party. Aimed at a rural population with little education, the posters each contain a number of brightly-coloured images taken from paintings.
The titles of the posters are as follows:
1. Nongye de Genben Chulu Zaiyu Jijiehua - The Basic Path to Mechanization in Agriculture.
2. Zhixing Jiwu Guizhang. Gaohao Anquan Zuoye - Implement the Rules of Maintenance. Participate in Safe Work.
3. Zhengque Caozuo Shiyong. Fangzhi Jidian Shigu - Undertake the Correct Operation of Machinery. Prevent Accidents in Electrical Machinery.
4. Baozheng Chengxiang Jiaotong Anquan. Genghao de Wei Nongye Fuwu - Ensure Traffic Safety in Both Towns and the Countryside. Serve Agriculture Better!
5. Zunshou Jiaotong Guize. Baozheng Anquan Xingche - Respect Traffic Rules. Ensure the Safe Passage of Traffic.
6. Anquan Shengchan Renren You Ze - Everyone is Responsible for Safe Production.
Given that these posters were presumably either stuck up on walls or used in a classroom setting, they are a rare survival. In generally fine condition with occasional mark and tear. Text in Chinese.
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