NIANHUA XUAN: XUAN ZI 1975 NIAN QUANGUO NIANHUA SHAONIAN ERTONG MEISHU ZUOPIN ZHANLAN. (A Selection of New Year Prints from the 1975 National New Year Print Youth Art Exhibition). Tianjin, 1976. 23 colour loose plates. 25x18 cm. Loose plates in folder.
GBP 25.00
The list of contents on the folder calls for 16 plates, a total of 23 are present. Of the 16 called for, nine are present, the remaining 14 are not listed. All loosely have the theme of youth or young people depicted in Cultural Revolution propaganda paintings and posters. No nianhua. All text in Chinese.
Subjects: Painting Folk Art
Available, as of: 20/09/2021
Was item 534 in printed List 201.
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