NIHON FUZOKU ZUE. (Illustrations of Japanese Folk Customs). Tokyo, 1914-1915. Various paginations. B/w full page woodblock prints throughout all volumes. 12 vols. 27x19 cm. Stitched. Decorative covers. Cloth cases.
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A twelve-volume compendium of black-and-white woodblock illustrations of Japanese folk customs taken from 34 early Japanese woodblock printed books. The compendium was published in the Taisho period in 1914 and 1915 and was never meant for general sale, being made available to the members of a club interested in Japanese folk customs. The full page black-and-white illustrations for each book are preceded by a page of text explaining the work whence they came and there is a page with original date of publication, author and publisher after each set of illustrations. A marvellous achievement as all the illustrations are original woodblock prints. Practically all the prints depict people. The compendium serves as a fine survey of early Japanese illustrated woodblock printing and as an excellent visual reference on Japanese customs, manners, clothing and life during the 17th and 18th centuries. A good number of the illustrations are from paintings by famous Japanese artists. Original colour woodblock prints of varying designs to covers. All text in Japanese. In excellent condition. Rare.
Contents as follows:
Please note: Where there is an obvious or conventional English translation for the Japanese title, it has been provided. Otherwise just the Japanese title is given. The date of first publication is given after the title.
Volume 1:Wakoku Hyakku Onna (100 Women of Japan). 1695; Iwaki Kaiga (Pictures of Rocks and Trees) 1683; Shin Han Bijin Kaiga (Pictures of Beautiful Women: New Edition) 1683.
Volume 2: Wakoku Shoshoku Kaiga (Pictures of Artisans of Japan) 1685; Sugata-E Hyakku Nin Isshu (Illustrations of 100 People in Poems) 1695.
Volume 3: Hyakku Nin Joro Shinasadame (100 Occupations of Women) 1723; Ehon Asakayama (Illustrations from Mount Asaka) 1739; Fuzoku Kagami Yama (Studies of Women) (no date).
Volume 4: Ehon Tokiwagusa. 1730.; Jochu Fuzoku Tsuya Kagami (A Mirror on Customs and Manners between Women) 1782; Ehon Kagami Hyakku Shu (An Illustrated Mirror of 100 Poems) 1752.
Volume 5: Yamato Kosaku Esho (Illustrations of Rice Growing and Rituals in Japan). No date. Edo period; Ehon Waka no Ura (Illustrations for Haiku Poems). 1734.
Volume 6: Ehon Ogura Nishiki. 1768.
Volume 7: Ehon Edo Kaiga Byobu (Illustrations of Edo Painted Screens). No date; Ehon Otogi Hin Kagami. 1730; Ehon Kaho Otogi. 1793.; Ehon Hana Kazura. 1764.
Volume 8: Yoshiwara Bijin Awase. 1730.; Ehon Misao Gusa. c.1775.
Volume 9: Ehon Edo Murasaki. 1765.; Ehon Mei Mon Ga. 1747.; Ehon Manto Kagami. 1779.; Ehon MonoMizu. No date.
Volume 10: Ehon Moshiogusa (A Miscellany) 1768.; Ehon Yotsu no Yoki (The Four Seasons)1774.; Ehon Azuma Karage (A Bundle of Women) 1797.
Volume 11: Ehon Azuma no Hana. 1768.; Tosei Kamoji Hinagata. 1779.; Yakusha Natsu no Fuji. 1792.; Ehon Momijibashi. No date.; Shiji no Yukikai. 1798.
Volume 12: Ehon Edo Suzume. 1806.; Ehon Surugumai. 1790.; Seiro Nenchu Gyoki. 1804.
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