NONGCUN ANQUAN YONG DIAN GUATU. (The Safe Use of Electricity in the Countryside). Beijing, 1964. 10 posters each with a number of colour illustrations. 10 vols. 76x52 cm. Paper.
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A set of 10 folded Chinese posters produced in 1964 as part of a safety campaign apparently as a response to the high level of accidents and fatalities from electric shocks following the introduction of electricity into many rural areas in China. The ten posters are entitled as follows:
1. Dian Zai Nongyeshang de Yingyong - The Use of Electricity in Agriculture.
2. Dian de Shengchan yu Yunsong - The Production and Transmission of Electricity.
3 .Changyong de Dianqi Cailiao - Frequently Used Electrical Equipment.
4. Ren Weishenme Hui Chudian? - How Do People Get an Electric Shock?
5. Zhengque Anzhuang Dengxian - The Correct Installation of Electricity for Lighting
6. Dianlixian he Tongxunxian de Jiashe - The Erection of Electricity Power Cables
7. Diandongji he Bianyaqi de Anzhuang. - The Installation of Electrical Machinery and Transformers.
8. Zheyang Zuo Zui Weixian ! (1) - Doing This is Dangerous! (1)
9. Zheyang Zuo Zui Weixian ! (2) - Doing This is Dangerous! (2)
10. Chudian Jijiu - First Aid for Electric Shocks.
As with all these posters aimed at a rural and largely uneducated audience, the emphasis is on simple and colourful imagery to attract attention. Each poster comprises a number of images reproduced from original paintings and drawings illustrating and explaining various aspects of the installation, use and dangers of electricity. Such posters were either pasted on walls or used during a village meeting as an education tool by a travelling official. Due to such use, this set is a rare survival. Text in Chinese. The posters in fine condition, just the occasional mark and tear along the folds.
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