Ningxia Guyuan Museum ed: ZHONGGUO SHAOSHU MINZU WENWU TUDIAN: NINGXIA GUYUAN BOWUGUAN JUAN. (An Illustrated Compendium of the Cultural Artefacts of Chinese Minorities: The Ningxia Guyuan Museum Collection). Shenyang, 2015. 312 pp. Colour illustrations throughout. 29x21 cm. Cloth.
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A volume demonstrating the depth and breadth of the Guyuan Museum collection in the Ningxia Autonomous Region in China. The area was criss-crossed by the Silk Road and also in early times was influenced by the Ordos Steppe culture. There is a good selection of small Ordos bronzes and other bronzes and items with animal designs. Much interesting archaeological material that shows cross-cultural influences. In general, a very wide variety. Illustrated throughout. Text in Chinese.
Subjects: Minorities Art
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