National Palace Museum: SHEN BI DANQING: LANG SHINING LAI HUA SANBAI NIAN TE ZHAN. Portrayals from a Brush Divine: A Special Exhibition on the Tricentennial of Giuseppe Castiglione's Arrival in China. Taibei, 2015. 415 pp. Colour plates throughout. 30x23 cm. Wrappers.
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Catalogue of an excellent and fascinating exhibition at the National Palace Museum in Taibei on the art and work of the most famous of catholic missionaries to the Qing Chinese court, Giuseppe Castiglione. Draws on the superb collections of the Museum, together with exceptional loans from the Gugong Palace Museum in Beijing and from Castiglione's homeland of Italy. In six main sections: The Years Before and After Coming to China; A New Model of Academic Painting; Conceiving and Completing 'One Hundred Horses'; Commemoration and Ceremony in Qing Court Painting; Tributes to Realism for Imperial Review; Documenting Military Achievements in Copperplate Prints. A total of 98 exhibits - including numerous marvellous paintings by Castiglione and imperial ceramics showing western influence, together with documents, manuscripts, copperplate prints and Italian oil paintings. Five accompanying essays including two in English; Musillo: The Qing Patronage of Milanese Art; Kleutghen: Bringing Art to Life: Giuseppe Castiglione and Scenic Illusion Painting. Near dual texts in Chinese and English. The three essays in Chinese have brief English abstracts. Appendices in Chinese only. An excellent addition to the literature on the subject.
Subjects: Missionaries Painting
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