Nara National Museum: THREADS OF DEVOTION. Special Exhibition: Commemorating the Completion of Conservation Work: Threads of Devotion: National Treasure: The Taima Mandala Tapestry and Embroidered Buddhist Imagery. Nara, 2018. 319 pp. Colour plates throughout. B/w text illustrations. 1 colour foldout. 30x22 cm. Wrappers.
GBP 80.00
Catalogue of a short-lived (due to the fragility of many of the items) but important exhibition held at Nara National Museum in 2018. Comprised 138 examples of extremely rare and superb embroidered Buddhist textiles dating from the 7th century Asuka period in Japan through to the 18th century. In addition to the Japanese examples, there are a good number of early Chinese pieces and a couple of Korean. The centrepiece of the exhibition was the recently-restored National Treasure, the Taima Mandala tapestry, a tapestry hanging scroll dating either from Tang dynasty China or the Nara Period in Japan. The exhibition in six sections: 1. Asuka Period: The First Buddhist Image Produced in Japan was Embroidered; 2. The Taima Mandala Tapestry - a Miraculous Woven Image; 3. Nara Period: The Time of Giant Buddhist Embroideries; 4. From the Heian to the Kamakura Period: Exquisite Buddhist Embroideries; 5. Chinese Buddhist Embroidery: Multicoloured and Minutely Detailed; 6. Threads Passed on to the Pure Land: Embroidered Depictions of Amitabha's Descent to Save a Deceased. All the exhibits illustrated in colour, many in multiple views and with close-up detail. Preface, introductions to each section and list of exhibits (with detail) in English. Main text in Japanese. Hard to obtain.
Subjects: Textiles Buddhist Art
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