National Museum of History: HENAN SHENG YUN TAI GUWU TULU. (An Illustrated Catalogue of Artefacts from Henan Province Taken to Taiwan). Taibei, 1999. 160 pp. Colour plates. 30x22 cm. Paper.
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A collaborative work between the Henan Museum and the National Museum of History in Taibei detailing and depicting the 38 crates of artefacts from Henan province that were taken to Taiwan in 1949 by the Nationalists. The artefacts included Xinzheng bronzes, jades, Tang sancai tomb statuary, objects from the Yinxu excavations, textiles etc. The work is most interesting in apparently being a first effort to collate these artefacts. Lists of the artefacts are given and a good number of major pieces illustrated in colour. In Chinese.
Subjects: Archaeology
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