National Museum of History: FODIAO ZHI MEI: BEICHAO FOJIAO SHIDIAO YISHU + FODIAO ZHI MEI: SONG YUAN MUDIAO FOXIANG JINGPIN ZHAN + FAXIANG ZHI MEI: JINTONG FO ZAOXIANG TEZHAN. The Splendour of Buddhist Statuaries: Buddhist Stone Carvings in the Northern Dynasties + Chinese Buddhist Wooden Sculpture from Sung and Yuan Dynasties + Bronze Buddhist Statues Through the Ages. Taipei, 1997. 243; 102; 170 pp. Colour plates throughout each volume. 3 vols. 29x21 cm. Paper.
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Three catalogues in a slipcase of three exhibitions showing fine examples of Chinese stone, wood and bronze Buddhist sculptures from various periods. Brief introductions in English, otherwise Chinese text.
Subjects: Sculpture
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