National Museum of China: YUNFAN WANLI ZHAOZHONG YANG: JINIAN ZHENG HE XIA XIYANG LIUBAI ZHOU NIAN. A Memorial Exhibition for the 600th Anniversary of Zheng He's Seven Voyages. Beijing, 2005. 207 pp. Colour plates throughout. 29x22 cm. Paper.
GBP 80.00
Catalogue of an excellent exhibition held at the National Museum of China in Beijing to commemorate the 600th anniversary of Zheng He's voyages in the 'Western Oceans'. The content is most interesting and wide-ranging covering artefacts, book illustrations, the shipbuilding and construction of the fleets, the ports whence the ships departed and the places visited. Very enlightening about a still somewhat obscure episode of Chinese history. List of contents, introductions to each section and plate captions in English. Main texts in Chinese. Out-of-print.
Subjects: Art
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