Nanjing Museum ed: LANGYE WANG: CONG DONGJIN DAO BEIWEI. (The Kings of Langye: From the Eastern Jin to the Northern Wei). Nanjing, 2018. 190 pp. Colour plates throughout. 3 foldouts. 29x21 cm. Wrappers.
GBP 90.00
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Nanjing Museum in China that compares the period from the Eastern Jin to the Northern Wei (4th to 6th centuries AD) in the Nanjing area (where the Eastern Jin flourished) with that of the area around Datong in Shanxi province which was a capital of the Northern Wei, sometimes known as the Langye kingdom of the Xianbei. Items from the Nanjing Museum's fine collection are complemented by loans from museums in Shanxi province, particularly Datong. Well-illustrated. text in Chinese. Hard to obtain.
Subjects: Archaeology
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