Nanjing Museum ed: JINSE ZHONGGUO: ZHONGGUO GUDAI JINQI DA ZHAN. The Golden China: Gold Artifacts of Ancient China. Nanjing, 2013. 447 pp. 319 pp. colour plates. 29x21 cm. Wrappers.
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Large catalogue of a highly-impressive exhibition held at the Nanjing Museum in China showing superb gold artefacts unearthed at sites throughout China and dating from the Warring States through to the Qing with extensive amounts of early material. This is the first large-scale exhibition of gold artefacts held in China since 1949 and includes important loans from major provincial and other museums throughout China plus gold objects from the Nanjing Museum's fine collection. The first 175 pages of colour plates provide a chronological survey of the development and increasing artistic achievement of gold artefacts in China. Of these 175 pages, 129 pages cover material from the Warring States through to the Yuan. Includes early 'steppe' style material, gold seals, Buddhist artefacts, Tang gold bowls and much more of great variety. The final 139 pages of illustration show gold jewellery of all types and predominantly dating from the Ming dynasty. Introduction, list of contents, brief introductions to each section and captions to plates (including site of excavation) in English. Main text in Chinese. An excellent reference on the subject. Recommended.
Subjects: Gold
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