Nara, Yasumei: ZEN NO SEKAI. (The World of Zen). Tokyo, 2007. 430 pp. Colour plates throughout. 35x26 cm. Cloth.
GBP 200.00
Excellent visual survey of Zen, its origins, history, art and practice. In sections: India; China; Japan; Zen Today. Each section is copiously illustrated with historical sites and artefacts, including much sculpture. Useful for drawing attention to sites with Zen associations, some little-known. The China section includes many such Buddhist sites, from early Buddhist caves on the Silk Road to ancient temples in Xi'an, Wutaishan, Baima Si and elsewhere. The section on Japan is similar with extensive illustration of Zen temples and artefacts. The final, and fairly short, section discusses Zen as practised today in various countries. There is much text to each section discussing the origins and transmission of Zen in each country, its development, discussion and history of sites, temples and artefacts illustrated. A good work on a still-elusive subject. Text in Japanese.
Subjects: Zen Buddhism
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