Ministry of Culture ed: MONBUSHO NINTEI JUYO BIJUTSUHIN ZUROKU: KOGEI HEN 1-3. (Illustrated Catalogue of Important Works of Art Selected by the Ministry of Culture: Applied Arts Volumes 1-3). Tokyo, 1933-35. 5 pp. introductory text to each volume and a total of 148 full page b/w plates in the three volumes. 3 vols. 32x23 cm. Stitched. Silk-covered boards.
GBP 450.00
Very interesting three-volume selection of Japanese and Chinese works of art selected from private pre-war Japanese collections by the then Japanese Ministry of Culture. The objects shown were considered important and include very fine Japanese tea bowls, lacquer, ceramics and weapons. The Chinese material is primarily archaeological and includes some extremely fine archaic bronzes, gold and silver, tomb figurines, a couple of Ming ceramics and a marvellous Qing dynasty yanzhihong coloured Yongzheng vase with a dragon design. A total of 148 full page black-and-white plates. Accompanied by brief captions describing the object and collection in which it was held. All text in Japanese. In fine condition. Very scarce.
Subjects: Art Archaeology
Available, as of: 01/02/2019
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