Macau Museum of Art: YUMAO QINGMING: GUGONG ZHENCANG LIANG SONG CIQI JINGPIN JI. Beauty & Entirety: Ceramics of the Song Dynasty from the Palace Museum. Macau, 2012. 401; 91 pp. Colour plates throughout. 3 vols. 36x27 cm. Cloth & Paper.
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Large three-volume catalogue of an exhibition at the Museum of Art in Macau being a loan exhibition from the Gugong Museum in Beijing showing 187 superb examples of Song dynasty ceramics from all the major kilns active at the time. Includes Ding wares, Yaozhou wares, crackle-glaze, hare's fur tea bowls and much more. A breathtaking array. All illustrated in large full page colour plates and many in multiple views. The main text is in Chinese with truncated texts in English and Portuguese including introductions to sections and captions to plates. Out of print and hard to obtain.
Subjects: Ceramics
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