Museu de Arte de Macau: HUAIBAO GU JIN. Vivencias do Imperador Qian Long: The Life of Emperor Qian Long. Macau, 2002. c.400 pp. Colour plates throughout. Foldouts. 36x27 cm. Cloth.
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Catalogue of an exhibition at the Museum of Art in Macau of a loan exhibition from the Palace Museum in Beijing of 108 items relating to the life of the Qianlong Emperor. In six sections: Institutions of Civil Administrations, Imperial Painting and Calligraphy, Appreciating Antiques and Collecting Treasures, Graceful Appreciation in the Imperial Study, Auspicious Articles of Tibetan Buddhism, Imperial Travelling and Hunting. The exhibits includes imperial seals and other exquisite scholar's studio objects, rare books, ceramics, cloisonne and bronze. A couple of the exhibits appear to have been in the 2002 Edinburgh exhibition on Qianlong but the majority of items are different and, indeed, the Edinburgh exhibition consisted of 78 items. This is a large and luxurious catalogue of a wonderful exhibition showing the cream of imperial art with large colour plates of all exhibits, including panoramic foldouts of scroll paintings. The main text is in Chinese with truncated texts in English and Portuguese. Out of print.
Subjects: Forbidden City Art
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