Meishuguan (National Art Gallery of China) ed: ZHONGGUO MEISHUGUAN CANG WANG RENFENG JUANZENG ZUOPIN JI. Album of Works Donated by Wang Renfeng to the National Art Museum of China. Beijing, 2008. 120 pp. Colour and b/w plates throughout. 38x27 cm. Cloth.
GBP 80.00
Wang Renfeng (born 1918) was active from the 1940s onwards. He was an early supporter of the Chinese Communist Party and this is reflected in his work. His early work was primarily black-and-white woodblock prints with communist themes. This theme continued throughout his work but he also expanded into painting. A broad selection of his work is here shown, comprising the donation the artist made to the Meishuguan in 2008. One page preface in English. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Woodcuts Painting
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