Misugi T: OLD CHINESE ART. Chugoku Kinseki Toji Zukan. Osaka, 1961. 25 pp. text in English and Japanese. 84 plates, many in colour. 43x30 cm. Silk-covered boards.
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A memorial to the career and superb objects handled by the well-known Japanese dealer of Chinese art, Umekichi Asano. Asano started dealing at the beginning of the 20th century and made over 100 trips to China in the course of his career, a time when there was the opportunity to acquire extraordinary pieces. Illustrates and describes 84 of the finest examples of Chinese art which passed through Asano's hands and which are now in museums and private collections worldwide. Divided into sections on: Bronze Ritual vessels; Gilt-Bronze and Silver Vessels; Bone and Wood Carvings; Buddhist Art in Stone and Bronze; Bronze Mirrors; Paintings; Pottery and Porcelain. Prefaces, list of plates, introductions to each section and captions and descriptions to plates in English. Fuller text in Japanese. A magnificent publication in mint condition contained in the original box (wear and damage).
Limited edition of 300 copies, of which this is copy 109. Extremely scarce.
Subjects: Art
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