Miho Museum ed: RYUMON SEKKUTSU - THE LONGMEN CAVES. 2001. 167 pp. Numerous colour plates and b/w text illustrations. 30x23 cm. Paper.
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Catalogue of an excellent and focussed exhibition on the Buddhist sculptures of the famous Longmen Cave Grottos in China's Henan province. The Buddhist sculptures at Longmen fall into two main datings - Northern Wei and Tang. Sculptures from Longmen are here accompanied by other Buddhist sculptures from nearby sites, most notably the Yongding Temple in Luoyang. Excellent loans from Chinese museums and institutions in Henan province are shown with loans from Japanese museums. Well-illustrated. 37 pages of English text give introductions, essays and good descriptions of the exhibits. Main text in Japanese. Out-of-print and now very hard to find.
Subjects: Sculpture
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