LU HUANG WANG MU. (The Tomb of Prince Huang of Lu). Beijing, 2014. 8, 21, 409 pp. text plus 346 pp. b/w and (predominantly) colour plates. Numerous b/w text drawings. 5 foldouts. 2 vols. 29x21 cm. Boards.
GBP 160.00
Detailed and most interesting report on the excavation of the tomb of Prince Huang of the Ming dynasty located at Yanzhou in China's Shandong province. Prince Huang was the 10th son of the Hongwu emperor, the founder of the Ming dynasty. At the age of 15, he was granted the fiefdom of Lu (present-day Shandong) and died five years later in 1389. The tomb was crudely excavated from 1968-71 during the Cultural Revolution and the numerous very fine artefacts are now held in the Shandong Museum in Ji'nan. Includes clothing and textiles, gold jewellery, jade belts and extensive amounts of tomb figurines and accoutrements. A number of the artefacts were exhibited in the 2014 British Museum exhibition: 'Ming: 50 Years that Changed China'. The first volume consists of detailed texts and black-and-white drawings, the second volume contains 346 pages of illustration of the tomb's excavation and its marvellous contents. All text in Chinese.
Subjects: Archaeology
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