LIUDINGSHAN YU BOHAIZHEN: TANGDAI BOHAIGUO DE GUIZU MUDI YU DUCHENG YIZHI. Liudingshan and Bohaizhen: Aristocratic Cemetery and Capital Site of the Bohai State, Tang Dynasty. Kaoguxue Zhuankan, IV:56. Beijing, 1997. 2, ix, 129 pp. text plus 8 pp. colour and 128 pp. b/w plates. Numerous b/w text drawings. 1 foldout plan. 26x19 cm. Cloth.
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Detailed excavation report on the Liudingshan and Bohaizhen sites located in China's Jilin province. The sites cover the capital city and royal cemetery of the minority Bohai state that existed in the 8th century A.D. Interesting report on an aspect of Chinese culture about which little is known. Well-illustrated. Four page English abstract. Main text in Chinese. Out-of-print.
Subjects: Archaeology Cities
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