Li Binsheng - paintings and text: YANJING HUA JIU. (Pictures of the Old Traditions of Yanjing). Beijing, 2012. 2, 7, 450 pp. on folded leaves. Full page colour illustrations throughout each volume from drawings and paintings. 3 vols. 30x19 cm. Stitched, cloth case.
GBP 250.00
Very appealing three-volume work on old Peking, Yanjing being an ancient name for the city. Sections on the sights, sounds and events of Republican Peking, local life and traditions in the city and its surrounds and two smaller sections on the old brands and shops of Peking and things of interest to the children of the city. The illustrator and author, Li Binsheng, was born in Peking in 1925 and grew up surrounded by this fascinating cultural milieu and clearly loved it all. The three volumes are illustrated throughout with appealing colour paintings depicting the activities, events and traditions being described. A delightful thing. Text in Chinese. Recommended.
Subjects: Beijing
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